Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Soooo on the 4th of July I was a vendor at a show in Yachats. Scroll down for the post about it. I was fine on that day, then July 5th I woke up and my left butt cheek hurt. OK OK you can stop laughing now. Although I thought it was pretty funny too. Thought it was just sciatica and it would go away with the proper stretching. Well it got worse.... and worse... and worse.... Walking is so painful that it actually takes my breath away. So off to the doctor. (I swear I am on on this earth to support doctors) Don't get me wrong I really like my doctor, he is caring, listens, is really smart and very easy on the eyes. He is also young and married ladies. LOL So before we go into the x ray, MRI costs I will be on a super dose of Cortisone. If it helps he knows which direction to go, if it doesn't help he will know also. He is afraid I may have slipped a hip. OMG!!! please pray pray pray I have NOT done that. Hope it is just over doing on the tread mill and exercising and my butt cheek just couldn't take it. LOL Lori Cook-Culligan from outoftheflames offered me some of this.
If I had a bathtub in my house I would take her up on it. LOL

 In the mean time I am to stay off my feet for two weeks. booo hoo hooo. This just so sucks. Here is a photo of the wheel chair I have. Wish it was the kind I could roll myself.
I have a lunch date with my very good friends, Charmain Pesnell, Kelly Angeley, and Roma. I was going to cancel but Charmain is coming over early to pick me up and roll me into the restaurant. I have great friends.

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  1. Ohhhh noooo!!! I'm so sorry! I wish I was there to "push you around" a little. I hope you heal quickly, and I will say prayers, cross fingers, throw pennies in the wishing well, and anything else I can think of! Sending you HUGS and many well wishes, Lisa

  2. sufferin' succotash! :( Big hugs and wishes for quick healing...none of this slipped hip nonsense!

  3. Thinking of you, sending hugs,
    -Eva Maria

  4. Oh Nicole, I'm so sorry. I think the cortisone will help. Two weeks is a long time to stay off your feet. You know what though, you are a fighter and you can do it! Take care of yourself and it looks like it was a fun day for you being vendor, and I hope also profitable. Smile, it will help you relax. Play some nice music and bead.

  5. Oh no Nicole... I have plenty of pain in the asses, however none of them have take me out like yours! :( I'm so hoping the cortizone helps... Drs. are no fun, no matter how drool-worthy they are!

    I love Lori's remedy! I'm rolling on the floor hoping I don't pull a butt muscle over that!

    Heal fast and no break dancing, k?

  6. Oh, Nicole! I'm so sorry you're in so much pain! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's just a muscle injury/strain -- those are frustrating but much easier to fix!

  7. Ugh! That's all I can say. Sending healing thoughts to you and your left butt cheek! Gotta keep smiling, right? And yes, your friends are awesome because you are!

  8. Oh Nicole, you must be so uncomfortable. Am so sorry to hear this. One bright light, having lunch with friends who hopefully will provide lots of laughs.

  9. That remedy is so funny! My prayers and thoughts of healing are with you! Like that you can still have such a great since of humor! Thank God for good friends! Jan

  10. I am very sorry to hear hubs says that about me and us (being the doctors fav clients!) I am developing an issue with my left hip, I think it is from walking with a came, and limp...bad right knee, bad low back, already replaced left knee.

    Good luck and I hope the rest does the job!


    ps...those "wheel yourself" wheelchairs, wear out your arms!


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