Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hi Everyone!
OMG!!! the sun is out and the wind is minimal. SHOCKERRRR!!!! I have been sitting on the back porch taking in some to the rays. It won't last long so I have to get it while the getting is good. LOL
In June my brother Steve and his family came to see us. Here are some of the photos he sent. Of course it was cold, raining, and windy here in June.

The beauty with the dark hair is my niece with her friend sitting on the beach in Florence.
 Dune Buggy rides in Florence. Not warm at all.
 My brother Steve, niece, friend, SIL.
 This is taken at the Sea Lion Caves just 11 miles from my house. We were freezing.
 Go inland just a bit and south to sunshine. This is the The Burl Gallery in Kerby, OR. not far from my mom's
 Cool tree houses and funky buildings.
 And let us not forget the swings.
 This is the main gallery. The art inside is amazing.
 More sunshine at Crater Lake, OR.
 If you ever have the chance to go here don't miss it.
 Nice and sunny.
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  1. Nicole, I just got goosebumps looking specifically at the Crater Lake pictures. How stunning and calm is the water. Just gorgeous! So glad you got to spend time with family! It's always great to catch up and see how the kids are doing!

  2. It may have been cold, but there is nothing like spending time with family, especially in these beautiful surroundings!

  3. Great pictures, Nicole! Crater Lake looks amazing and The Burl Gallery looks like a funa dn artful place to be.

  4. Fun family photos! I would love to see those tree houses in person. The Steampunk Tree House resides only a few miles from my home!!

    ♥ aquariann
    Featured Photo: Canna Lily


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