Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hi Everyone!
Yessssss............... eeerrrrrr it is yet another stormy day here in Florence. My bones ache and the constant dark really gets to me. I guess that is why I added snake vertebrae and hair pipe (bone) beads to this skeleton piece. LOL Besides it just worked for this non-traditional piece.
The bones were stained with dark coffee. Jasper flat ovals, gold 4 mm rounds, and a gold fly charm. This is an easy wear for men or women.

Of course the house is dark as night so the photos are not as good.

 Cab is made by Sandy Spivey

Remember working with, wearing of, or using any animal parts is to honor the animal.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Wow!! Very cool Piece Nicole..LOVE this!

  2. LOVE this - very cool cab! Hope it warms up some for you.

  3. Very unusual piece & really beautiful!

  4. Spooky, but oh so cool! I send you some sun from over here. It is so hot here atm, with lots of thunderstorms. You never know whent the next one hits. And where. Could be that you get wet seriously.


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