Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Just stopping in to say hello!
This weekend here in Florence, Or is Rhody Days. Why because you have never seen more Rhododendron plants in your life as in Florence. Streets are named after it, shops, and events. Early this morning Mike and I headed to the Events Center to say hello to beading friends that are vendors at the Rhody arts n craft show. We figured we would go right when it opened before the crowds. OMG town is packed with people. The carnival was already running the streets blocked off in old town for car shows, carnival food tents, another craft show in the board walk and 5,000 bikers. I am not kidding. Florence has become the biker get away. It is all so much fun and there is really not much trouble here in Florence. The parade is tomorrow. It is just a few blocks from my  house so we will walk up to the Hwy to watch it. There will be lots of parties tonight in Old Town and usually there are fire works that we can see right from our back porch. If you are heading this way and need a hotel be sure to call ahead of time. LOL
These are not my photos but this is my town.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Hwy 101 goes right through our town as it does most of the coastal towns.
This is not today. Today there is so much traffic it is nuts

This draw bridge is is also part of Hwy 101. This is the Siuslaw River

 Just a few of the shops in Old Town.
 Same with old town. There are so many people you can't walk through the crowds. uuuhhgggg
This is the board walk and the market.
I use to do this market. Today there is a carnival there.
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  1. This brings back memories! For years DH and I spent about three weeks in the winter in Yachats/Florence area. I was into decorative painting at that time so was doing classes at the Tole Tree - small world.

  2. Looks beautiful! The bridge reminds me of the London Bridge!


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