Monday, May 28, 2012


Hi Everyone!

First I want to thank all of you for the kind emails with well wishes and healing energy. I am not 100% but I feel like I am now winning this particular lupus battle. My herbs and teas have come through again. A few more days and I will be dancing through the house. OK you don't have to visualize that, it really isn't a pretty sight. LOL

I was socked this morning to see that blogger has actually put my reading list up so I can see and use it. It seems every time blogger makes changes things go to hell in a hand bag. I will try to comment to your posts today. I am leaving that page up so I don't loose it.

Are you hooked on Game of Thrones???? OMG I am so hooked I want to go live in that world. OK not the war but I would be a warrior-ess there. Strong, powerful, beautiful, and Lannisters watch out!

and for the last item of my morning. Geees I sound so official. hee hee hee
I am extending my 25 % off coupon sale through today. Yeahhhhh......... This means that if you had second thoughts on an item you can come back and get now. Yes, you can use this coupon as many times as you like during the day. But you must use the coupon at check out PLEASE.....
Oh ya wanna know what that number is???  Coupon Code MWEC35.

Beading patterns are already on sale you can also use your coupon code for a bigger discount!!!
 More beads added

and a great time to get that loom you have wanted.
1 foot or 2 foot.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. love your new blog look..yep,it's been a while!!
    glad to hear the herbs and teas are working...and I'm so sorry you were "down"..i know it takes so much out of you and i am always happy to hear that you are doing well.
    have missed visiting!!!

  2. Oh, I love the Game of Thrones--my hubby says the books are even better--more detailed! Come by my blog and "LIKE" my new facebook page.

  3. Hey Nicole,

    I have a girlfriend that is a master herbalist. She makes me up a tea for the pain from my fibro. If you would like to try some just drop me a line with your address and I would be happy to share some with you.


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