Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi Everyone!
This is a quick post. The car is loaded and I am off to visit my mom. But before I go I wanted to share with you some great kits that are on sale right now. Here is the email I received from my good friend Joanna Loos, she is the owner of a very nice website. Check it out you just may see a kit or two that you must have.

I've got 3 different kits about ready to come off the 50 % presale.
The first kit of the Aurora Broad Collar

and Into the Woods

have been sent off. But in each case I was missing one bead style to make
additional kits. I've now ordered the missing bead for each necklace. When the
beads arrive and the bags get filled, the presale is finished.

To make sure you always have enough beads I have to:
* count out the number of each bead needed for the necklace 10 times,
* then weigh them,
* put the information into a spreadsheet and
* run sophisticated statistical analyses on these numbers.
As you can imagine, this is time consuming. So the presale on Wave of the Future
will continue until I've got all the beads counted and the packages made up.
So, if you'd like to get any of these kits at the presale price, order now. I'll never discount
them this low again.

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  1. Wow Nicole, excellent work! Love these necklaces. Great job.

  2. Die Collier in weiss!!! Ein Traum!!! Gruss. Joanna


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