Friday, April 13, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Yes I am up with the chickens. Ya know getting rid of head pain so I can officially get my day started. :) So last night I decided to head over to our Florence bead meeting. It is really a bead gathering. I haven't been there in a long while and it was so very nice to see the ladies again. I truly enjoyed myself and the company. I took Nicoles' BeadBakcing and of course the new colors were a hit along with Sandy Spievey's cabs, which were also a hit. Hey how can those two things NOT be a hit? LOL I am hoping to get back in the groove and make more of the monthly get togethers. Along with that I have finished another of Sandy's cabs. The photo is terrible so use that wonderful imagination to focus in.
Ohhh I just remember today is Friday the 13, one of my most favorite days.

OK so I stand out a bit with my dark hair. I have been wanting grey hair since I was 5 and at 60 I still don't have any.

click on the photos to see them close up. I fell in love with this peacock and love how the beads just knew where to go.

The triple traditional edging really feels like feathers.
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  1. Lovely peacock necklace, and thanks for sharing the photo! Valerie

  2. Your gethering seems fun!!! I love when girls come together... we do that also...
    Your necklace is beautiful! You always find the perfect beads!!!!

  3. Love that! I've never heard of triple tradional edging, and I agree, it does look quite feathery. It looks like you ran a white thread thru the very edge of it??

  4. Looks like you all had one heck of a good time. Also I do love the new greens. Haven't gotten to really bead on any of it yet, but it still all sits on my desk calling my name.

  5. Beautiful beadwork and the gathering sounded like fun as well as interesting. Wondered if beading made your headaches worse. Annette x

  6. Hi Nicole. Really nice job on the beads. Your work is always outstanding. Have a great weekend.

  7. Another beautiful piece, Nicole! I see you like the Russian Zhostova style like I do! I love your edge work on the cab, I have not seen that before. It makes your piece very unique!

  8. LOL! Well, I've been gray since my 20s and would trade with you any day! The peacock is exceptionally beautiful. I was trying the think of the style it reminded me up--good thing I saw Sandy's comment! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Beading with friends...I can think of nothing better, and we do it here, all the time, too! Beautiful necklace, Nicole!


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