Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hi Everyone!
I have noticed that it is not just me blogging less over the last few months. For me it seems that my busy days keep me off the computer more. I do like that to a point. I get so much  more done around the house and find myself out of doors more too. (AAhhhh well not like taking walks and things I use to do in Idaho. I refuse to walk in the rain and wind.) I mean meeting up with friends for coffee. Anyway life, with my 60th birthday coming up next week, seems to be taking a new path. I seem to be thinking differently. I wonder if that comes with starting a new decade, one that is well over the hill. LOL 
Here is a piece I made yesterday.

The base is peyote with peanut beads. I love the effect.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Ah, far from over the hill...look at the beautiful beadwork you're still producing - it's lovely. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Hi Nicole
    I have been blogging less to, but will remedy THAT. I turned 60 last October. My frame of mind was to focus more on myself. I'm not sure I'm off the computer more, but I don't go to FB hardly ever. I think a lot of bloggers use FB to connect now. I MUCH prefer blogging. Glad you are still posting.

  3. Stunning work, as usual, and in my favorite color! I've been blogging less and realizing that trying to do a certain number of posts a week just isn't what I want to do. The more time on the computer, the less for creating. You, my friend, are definitely NOT over the hill. (I'm only a nickel behind you!)

    Be sure to stop by my blog on Friday. Oh, you better sit down...because I finally finished it!

  4. Love the dimentionality (is that even a word?! LOL) of this piece. Beautiful, textural, exciting...and yet the color keeps it sweet. Well done, Nicole.

    (What hill? There's hill ahead?...oops...)

  5. Bwahhhhahhhhahhhaaaa...OLD? Over the hill? Not you!!! Never ever!! If 40 is the new 50 then 60 must be the new 50, right?

    You know you're 60 when...

    The phrase zero to 60 means your life is flashing before your eyes.

    You start getting carded again, but now cashiers want to see your senior card to make sure you're old enough to qualify for the discount. The jerks!!

    Instead of adding blueberries to your cornflakes, you just sprinkle them with your morning medications. Time Saver!!

    Your joints snap, crackle and pop more than your Rice Krispies.

    Your ankles start sagging over the top of your anklets. YIKES!!

    Your liver spots are starting to make you look like a Dalmatian. Already got a couple of those myself..

    You no longer need a spoon to stir the creamer in your coffee. You just pour the milk in and let your shaky hand do the job. This is another time saver!!

    You go from wearing bifocals to wearing trifocals. Oh No-- Not the "T" word.

    Ha ha!! Now You know Im only Pokin fun at ya..Our Birthdays are so close together and I know the following week as I turn 50 I'll get the same crap from you!!

    Love You!!

    Love this piece..Been wondering what to do with some peanut beads I have-- this looks cool!!

  6. Love your latest piece Nicole. I think we are all cutting back. As long as you do stopping blogging. FaceBook is just too busy for me, I prefer the blogger type of thing. Nice job on your latest piece. Have a great day tomorrow Nicole and keep on blogging. I have to stop by and visit Carol who I see left a comment up there. Take care.

  7. I've been online less, in general. I think Spring is a busy time for a lot of beady types, since that seems to be when all the shows start. It's also when Spring Fever kicks in and everyone wants to remember what sunshine looks like.

    Happy upcoming birthday! To me, 60 isn't old. At all. In fact, "old" is always another 15 years away from whatever age you're at at the time. Or at least, this has become my philosophy. ;)

  8. Hey Nicole, I am your newest follower! And am I ever glad to see that you are 60 years young! I will be (gasp)69 in a few weeks and I always think that everyone on line in this beading world is sooo much younger than I am! I got tired of coloring my hair (it was dark brown like yours) and now it is just plain white!
    I really don't know how some people have time to have a blog, and have an active life on FB and a website and an Etsy shop, and read all the blogs of inetrest, etc. Too much for me! Anyway, my new Etsy shop is I love bead embroidery, but none in the shop as yet. I am a fairly new beader and Kelly's cuff was the first I had done. I like to try everything, so my shop is not real cohesive right now, but I am working towards that. Happy Belated Birthday!

  9. Such a beautiful bracelet, i love dimensional beading..It looks very elegant.


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