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Hi Everyone!
The other day I was looking at some of my favorite places in Etsy. Yes I actually had time to roam the Internet. LOL I was looking for something special. I not only am a vendor in my June show I also am one of the promoters so it is important to me that it is a success.  I want all new pieces for my tables this year, so I was looking for cabs. You know those special cabs the ones that are bright and bold and well something that just catches the eye. OHHHHH MYYYYY I found just that in Sandy Spivey's etsy store. Her cabs are so bright and colorful and clear and they are glass and well they are Perfect for what I have in mind. Ya wanna see what they are??? Well first I want to introduce you to Sandy. She is amazing!!!

In her own words
I have always been a somewhat creative person, crocheting since I was 12 (taught by my artistic grandmother) drawing, sewing and dabbling in other crafts from time to time. There came a time however when I became disabled through emphysema, that I had to find something that would keep me busy and satisfy my continual need for creative stimulation. I began to bead at that point and a whole new world opened up for me.
The thing about beading is it leads to so many other things. I now do macramé, bead embroidery, dabble in glass fusing, Kumihimo braiding, glass cabochon making and now I am staring to teach myself metal stamping and copper etching so I can make charms to incorporate into my mixed media style of creating.
Nicole came across me quite by accident while perusing the Website called Etsy. Etsy is a site where artists and those who supply artists with the tools and supplies they need, come together in mutual benefit and for the benefit of those who admire art.
A little over a year ago I was looking for a cabochon to incorporate into a piece I was bead embroidering and could find nothing to satisfy me. I was looking through Etsy and saw a way to create my own cabochons in whatever image I wanted, and wha la! Glass Art Cabochons by Sandy was born!
I have taken requests from others for different types of images, I have done custom work for several people who needed a way to memorialize a beloved pet or loved one and I have been able to satisfy my own needs for my beaded art!
Being disabled and unable to work at a full time job created the necessity to find a way to contribute to the family income and support my NEED TO BEAD! My husband and 4 children and 3 grand kids have all been extremely supportive and help me whenever I need it. My new "job" feels more like fun on an everyday basis rather than work and I wish I had discovered this years ago! So, my advice to anyone who asks is, "Let your passion be your guide!"
Sandy Spivey

Be sure to stop by Sandy's etsy store and other sites and be sure you tell you Nicole sent you.
Now for the goodies.

Florals n Skulls how can you go wrong?

 Silhouette and Faces

 Fantasy yeahhhh

 Peacocks eyes and dragons perfect for me

These are just a small sample of the amazing glass cabs that Sandy carries. The bonus, and all of you will love this, her prices are set to sell. Go check it out!!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Belos trabalhos... Espectacular....

  2. OH MY is right, I LOVE her cabs. Thank you so much for posting about her :-)

  3. Sandy is a gem! I'm a repeat customer of her including a custom order and she ALWAYS goes above and beyond to take care of her customers. I highly, highly recommend Sandy's store!~

  4. Very Pretty! So many wonderful designs to choose from.

  5. Thank you dear Nicole for this wonderful promo! I signed up to join your blog and I was number 600! You have quite the following. Your work is beautiful as well as your bead patterns. I am so happy we found each other!

  6. I posted once but don't see the first one so I hope I am not duplicating. Thank you so much Dear Nicole for your fabulous promotion on your blog of me and my etsy shop! I have posted a link to your blog and your pic on my Facebook page to help return the favor. I am so glad we came across each other. You do stunning work yourself and your bead patterns are beautiful!
    I signed up for your blog and I was number 600! You have quite the following.
    Muchas Gracias, Sandy

  7. omg...these are gorgeous!!
    thanks for sharing this artist!!
    your artistic talents are across the board..and marvelous!!
    you really inspire me!


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