Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi Everyone,

If you are a grandmother, as I am, then you know those moments when you know that something you did as a parent rubbed off on your kids and now your grand kids are proving it all true. My grandson, Troy, has always wanted to be an actor. My son has said, "Follow your dreams, but you will be academically sound and go to college." Troy did follow his dreams and his dad's instruction. Troy worked to pay for classes and to go to auditions. He bartered with acting coaches to get classes as well. His heart and soul has been in acting. He took dance including tap, he taught himself to play the guitar and has sung in many musical productions. He has been in several commercials and even had a spot on America's Most Wanted. This is my grandsons latest accomplishment. How proud is this grandma??? In Jan. Troy won the local Shakespearean competition and was sent to the state level. He won just a few weeks ago and now will go to New York in April. One winner from every state will compete and when Troy wins NY he is off to London. Ohh come on I have to believe he will win. I am so excited and happy for him. Here is a brief clip of my grandson Troy.
By the Way his is enrolled for college too.

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  1. That is so nice to hear that all that hard work has paid off! Congratulations proud Grandma!

  2. Congrats to Troy. He is very talented!

  3. how proud everyone must be!!!!!
    he is a role model for so many young people...continuing his education,working and following his dream!
    i can see your smile from here!!

  4. That is awesome. I wish him all the best.


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