Monday, March 19, 2012


Hi Everyone!
We got a bit more snow this weekend. Not as much as last week but I am so ready for some warmer weather. Ohhhh, I forgot I live in Florence, OR. we DON'T get warm weather here. Hee hee hee.
I did have a very good weekend getting several pieces finished including a sculpted painting. I will show that on Friday's Paint Party. I do want to let you know that my limited edition of Nicole's BeadBacking in the three shades of green are almost gone. 10 sets left. If you need green for your flatwork, bead embroidery, doll making, hand bags, quilting or the million other uses for NBB then get it now. It is also reduced in price.
You can purchase in both my Nicole Campanella's Beadwright web site or Beadwright Etsy shop

Nicole's BeadBacking limited edition shades of green

Here is a challenge piece I did for Bead Design Studio Magazine Jan/Feb 2012 issue
We were given Golem Ceramic beads and our imagination. I deliberately stayed away from flatwork or bead embroidery. I am glad I did.

 I sooooo like the way the clasp turned out.

Have  a very happy Monday
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  1. Amazing work and perfect match for the bead!

  2. Beautiful work Nicole. Just awesome. You have a great Monday as well. Be happy.:)

  3. Love this piece Nicole. Thought it was the best in the challenge!

  4. Beautiful piece! I love how you drew the flower right out of the focal!

  5. Love the clasp! And thank you so very much for showing it. I see all these gorgeous necklaces every where & no one shows the clasp! I need to see so I can get some ideas myself as I never know what steps to take when finishing a necklace. And that green does look lovely.

  6. Beautifully beaded together and the white beads have been used so effectively in the flower that it definitely makes an impression on the eyes.

  7. I love the necklace especially how you enlarged the daisies. Definitely unique.

  8. Nicole, I LOVE the necklace. Are you keeping this one for yourself or selling it? I really like how you "finished" the daisies. They are adorable. And the clasp is perfect!


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