Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Hope all of you had an enjoyable weekend. Mine was fast, I am however, experiencing fly-by days. I mean really it seems that time is gone before I know it.
The other day I drove up coast with my beading pal Charmaine. She is so funny on the road. We have made many trips together including the one to Japan and the Toho tour in 2009. Here are a few links, however you can see all the posts if you go to Nov 2009.
Wow I must be missing Japan because I wanted to show you photos of Oregon. LOL
It was a wicked day on the water and by the time we got to Depot Bay the waves were spraying the sidewalks. Just a got a few shots before we froze, besides the bead store was calling our name on the wind. Hee hee hee.
Wishing all of you a happy week.

You can see the spray coming up in the back of the photo

 The water would churn and roll deep before huge waves came up

 Charmain, freezing. Yes we had coats, they were in the car.

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  1. beautiful photos!!
    this is the weather my husband loves! there is such magnificence in the coast in this weather..fierce and strong!!
    so glad you had a great time! this was just what you needed!!!

  2. Aaaaah. I am *so* ready to come home! I had the best Monte Cristo sammie in Depot Bay my last day in Oregon...missed out on the bead store though. Tell Charmaine to move over, 'cause I'm tagging along next time. LOL Love ya!

  3. That's beautiful scenery even if it was cold, windy & wet!

  4. I'd take a walk in this weather and THEN go to the bead store. *LOL* Of course you left your coats in the car or they would be frozen, too. ;-)


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