Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Most of you know how much I dislike living on the Oregon cost. It is too cold, too wet, too grey, and too windy. So why am I here? It is to be close to my mom so I can help her out. It is the only reason. With that said, we have been having the most sun filled winter ever! Not warm sun, the wind cuts the warm right out of the air, but the sunny days have been so good for me. The other day Mike and I drove up cost to Bandon, a cute and artsy coastal town that is so much fun. The people are friendly and inviting. We had a great time and a good meal. Here are some photos.

The seagulls are so use to people you can walk right up to them
 Oregon if known for bridges and light houses
 Bandon has wonderful sculptures that decorate the boardwalk
 In the bay
 This is an amazing mound of wood and sea weed
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Wonderful pictures, Nicole! I so much enjoy those sunny, freezing days over here. Dry, sunny and freezing cold. Only some snow is missing. Hope the sun stays until next Sunday for the third turn in "Winterrunde".

  2. We have certainly been blessed with a lovely winter for a change. Glad you are able to get out and enjoy it.

  3. Very lovely place!
    I lile so much the red lighthouse!

  4. Me thinks pictures GOOD... said in my best cavewoman voice LOL

    Sun is good... I'm like you, I have to have sun. Even if it's just streaming through my windows and I'm sitting on a chair right in the middle of it!

    Stay happy!

  5. Ohhh, I love Bandon! I used to visit there when I was in high school and needed a break from my family lol. Now we take our little ones when we drive down to Brookings to visit my husband's family :) We took them New Year's weekend. I love the Oregon Coast myself (but I grew up in NW Washington, which I also loved... I am a weirdo lol), and miss it. Anyway, rambling, wonderful pics and I am so glad you've been enjoying this wonderful sun!

  6. Hi Nicole, thanks for visiting my blog. For reason your comment got deleted but I got the email, so thought I would come by to say hi. I love your photos of the three stages of you. Nice memories your daughter and granddaughter are so cute.
    I am your neighbor here in northern Ca. We go to Oregon often, we love it. I have a photo of that lighthouse from the opposite side have a great Tuesday

  7. I love the Oregon Coast! I have been there 3 times...although it was summer when I visited. I have visited Bandon too.

  8. Now see I would love to live on the Oregon coast. There is so much power in the winter storms.

  9. I love coastal towns, especially when the weather is warm but having said that, I must also say that there is great atmosphere along those shores when the weather turns blustery. Great time for writing or walking and contemplating.

    I hope the weather continues on it's upward swing for you Nicole and you enjoy the time that you have with your mother.


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