Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I was hoping to get two beading project finished yesterday, however, for some reason I was on the phone for most of the day. OMG!!! Soooo I only got one piece finished. I have a large male clientele and bolos are one of my big sales items.
No beading today. I am going up coast to see a friend, Linda who owns Nye Beach Beads and then a bit further up the road to Roots Beads. It is suppose to be a nice day today and well, I do need to get out of the house. Why not to bead stores right?!

Have a great day and enjoy the latest bolo

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Beautiful, love the colors!!! Have a great time!

  2. Beautiful bolo tie! Love the beaded end pieces. Hope you had fun in the bead stores. Waht can be better when getting out of the house?

  3. have a wonderful day my friend!!!
    love the bolo!!

  4. Gorgeous Nicole! Hope you had a safe trip and had fun with your friend!!


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