Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Today is the 5th and the new Project Runway season begins. I am so excited. Okay... so it doesn't take much to excited me. What can I say??? LOL
So most of you know that I am not a fan of the color blue. For me it is difficult to work with, however, the last few weeks blue has been the dominate color in some of my art. From jewelry to gourds. Yes, my next project is a "blue" gourd. I am not sure why the switch in my artists brain. Blue is NOT the color of the Oregon coast. Grey and all of it's shades masters here. :) So I am not going to fight it. If blue is the color for me right now then blue it is. I haven't shown you any new jewelry for awhile. Most of the pieces I am making now are for publication. But here is one that I personally love.
How can you go wrong with Turquoise leather and dicro glass? A statement for sure

 Also here is my valentine pattern for loom work. I can also change this over to peyote. You can get this and all of my patterns on my Beadwright BeadCoop pattern site.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Owww Nicole...I love this unique and a real beauty!! Blue and you are a good match....go with it.

    Hugs my sweet friend!!

  2. i love blue.. turquoise being my favorite..put it with black and i'm in color heaven! and black being my second favorite!
    maybe you are doing sky color because it is so grey where you are?
    beautiful piece Nicole!!
    love the hearts bead pattern!!

  3. Happy New Year, Nicole...looks like it's off to a creative start. I LOVE Project Runway, too! Off to grab a cup of hot tea and turn it on now. Happy Friday - Tanya

  4. WOW!!! No words. It is really unique and so pretty.


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