Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hi Everyone!
First I have to tell you that yesterday was an amazing day. I met with Julianna Cannon from Julsbeads. OMG if you like Juls online you will love her in real time. She is amazingly beautiful and has a southern bell accent that sounds so sweet. It was instant sisterhood. You know that person you meet that you know you have had a past life with. We met up with some glass and bead people who really wanted to meet her. Charmain Pesnell, and Kelly Angelly. We had a few minutes with Denise Gaffey Sanders too. I could spend all day with Juls. She is a beautiful soul. Ohhh did you want to see photos???? WE BOTH FORGOT OUR CAMERAS!!!!!
So today has been a busy day for me and I was ending it by checking out all the wonderful art from PPF. Visit the artists there, you will meet some very nice people and see some great art.
Then one of my blogging buddies wrote to let me know that she is having a huge birthday giveaway. It is her mother's 79th so she is giving a birthday gift away. Georgie at Puddin n Pie is giving, well just about everything, away. You have to check it out these photos show just a little of what is going to one lucky winner.

Happy weekend to you.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. what a marvelous day you had!! i can see the smile on your face!!!
    wow./that giveaway has my name just written all over it!!

  2. I love juls work, and I bet she is a ton of fun in person. Thanks for sharing the info on the giveaway!

  3. Sounds like a fab time!! I'm sure you two are quite the pair hangin' out!
    Thanks for sharing with us EVEN tho we don't get to see you two cuties together


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