Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hi Everyone!
If you partied last night I hope you had fun and made it home safely. Today the sun is out the wind is not too bad and it just feels like a good day. I began my word for the year, "change" updating my blog. Hope it is appealing and you like it.
I did finish up my PPF piece. I don't normally show WIP because my progress changes with the process of creating. The other thing is, and some of you know this. I dislike working with blue. Blue rises and tends to float off the canvas and it takes an eye or talent to settle it down. So when this piece started out in blue I surprised even myself. LOL
The finished piece "Golden Dreams"
12x12 box canvas, acrylics, plaster, metal veriegated gold leaf, size 15/o seed beads

Have a great day!
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Love Love LOVE it!! Simply Gorgeous!

  2. This is a wonderful piece, I am still trying to fathom out how you made it! LOVE it! Happy New year, health and happiness! Valerie

  3. I'm so glad you posted the finished piece, I really wanted to see it! Absolutely Gorgeous, I love it!! ps. The color of your comment texts is almost unreadable on my screen with the neon orange against the gray. I can see it great in the body of the blog though. Thought you'd want to know. Happy New Year! Adore your art!

  4. love your blogs new look!!..but it might be just my eyes..hard to read the other comments ! love the vivid colors of the backgrounds.
    love this new piece of yours!! i love blue and this is awesome!!
    Happy 2012..from hope to change!

  5. Great new look! Love the art you are showing in your header. As someone else said, comments are hard to read, I bet you are fixing that already. Happy New year my friend, I hope good things flow your way throughout the year.

  6. Wow! So cool! I really love it. Great job.

  7. OMG, that is so beautiful! Love the colors. Are those faces made from leathwer or are they a kind of clay?

  8. Piece looks amazing! Blue has been one of my favorite colors lately.

  9. Love the new look of the blog ;o) Nice and bright! I am with Ann, sorry, it's kind of hard to read the other comments. Love the new piece!!

  10. Wow, that's great. I love the 2D 3D mix. Happy New Year Nicole.



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