Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi Everyone!
I kind of over did it yesterday. OKay OKay... Mike already reprimanded me.... LOL  My main goal in life for the last 12 years is to stay as healthy as I can. lupus and now this new stomach thing, I found that when I am feeling, what for me, is good I tend to go all out. That is what I did yesterday. I was in pain but nothing I couldn't handle. Out of it I got a wild textured painting almost finished. It is wild! I will post it tomorrow on PPF. In the mean time, the benefit to getting sick, (hey there has to be some good out of it, right?) is you find out just how many people care about you. It is amazing. I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life. And theeennnnn yesterday I see a floral truck outside my house. I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers all in shades of Lavender and purple. My very good friends Kelly Angeley and her sweet bough, Barry, took the time to think of me while they are on a trip to Calif and then Tucson. Kelly is teaching bead classes there this year. My photo isn't very good being it is 4:30 AM and no light. hee hee hee. The roses are the most ethereal Lavender and the Daisies Fuchsia/purple color. My favorite flower, I even have a tattoo of a daisy on my shoulder. I got it when I was 15, long before girls were getting tats. giggle giggle. So again thank you for all the love and caring. Kelly and Barry be safe on the road and enjoy that sunshine. Kelly told me it was 81 in LA yesterday.
My beautiful flowers.

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  1. Good to hear you are on the mend. Just take it easy. Beautiful flowers!

  2. Beautiful flowers...thoughtful are blessed Nicole.

  3. Nicole, I am soooo very sorry to hear that you were in the hospital! Diverticulitis can be very painful! prayers, thoughts and candle lightings for you (you have been on my nightly candle list since I started it, but will put my emphasis on your name this week! I have IBS, which is very troublesome, but I worry, that the Diverticuli...are going to be my next enemy, it is a possibility.

    You already have so much on your plate! I want to knock someone out!
    How is your foot doing??

    I apologize for not being on here lately, but please know it isn't you. I haven't been visiting anyone's blog...SHAME ON ME!! That is one of my main goals for this cut back my list, and visit ppl more often.

    It is very cool that you are into painting now so much, and I am loving the work I am seeing here, beading and painting! those hands are quite cool!

    What is PPF??

    when you can, come visit my 2nd blogoversary celebration and huge giveaway. please help spread the word also!

    Lots of neat things being given away, and the metaphysical stuff would make a cool prize for you :)

    I love your new button, and I am taking it for my blog!
    Love, hugs & BB,

  4. Those are gorgeous flowers! And I sure hope that overdoing it doesn't set back your healing.


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