Thursday, December 8, 2011

MAN OF THE NORTH no not Santa

Hi Everyone!
It has been busy here plus I am having a pity party with my broken foot. I guess since it is the second time it has been broken in the last year and a half I can have a pity party. :)
I am off to my mom's today so I have some packing to do and then hit the road.
I did want to share my Man of the North with you. His name is Gus. His face is a cleaned, cut, and shaped gourd, clay face, acrylic eyes, and Fox fur.
Everyone have a great rest of the week.
Talk to ya when I return home.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. WOW..Gus looks AWESOME!! Looks like he is calling the North Wind too. ^_^

    I do hope that you are resting and propping that foot up. I mean you can slide a box or something up under your work desk...ri iight?? Worry about ya!!

    Have a safe trip and enjoy...

  2. Safe travels Nicole! Gus is cute.... but I'm so not ready for the cold weather which Gus is implying we'll be getting. Hope you can take the bone healing machine with you so you can continue healing while enjoying special time with your mom! Chat with you when you get back!

  3. Gus is fabulous!!!
    Have a wonderful visit with your Mom!!!!
    have your pity party..if i lived close enough i'd come decorate for the party and bring the wine!!! deserve to feel that way..who wouldn't?
    take care!!

  4. Very cool! I like him! Have a wonderful visit with your mom!

  5. I must have missed a post. You broke your foot again? I would be having a pity party also

  6. Gus is awesome! He turned out great! Have fun at mom's...

  7. Nicole, you may pity yourself away! it is perfectly understandable :) I hope it heals quickly! You are on my nightly candle lighting list!

    I LOVE your man of The north! The fur and clay are awesome!! His mouth makes him looked A FEARED!! LOL
    love n light,

  8. I love the warmth of this piece! The gold and orange are lovely together. I hope your foot heals quickly!
    Warm wishes!


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