Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I am taking it real easy today. Yesterday was a full 18 hours of migraine. None of my meds worked. uuuhhhgggg... today I am trying to not even move my head if I don't have to. LOL
For those of you who suffer with migraine you know what I am talking about. I can hardly believe it is Dec. 1.
I truly do not know where this last year has gone. I try to think what I have done, who I have seen, how I have connected to this world. It is a blur. We were all told, when we were young, that the older we get the faster time goes by. Well that is one thing "they" didn't lie about LOL. This last weekend I did get two of my pieces done. Only got photos of the special order bolo and here it is. I used one of the cabs I bought from Lori Cook, Out of the Flames. I have these in some of my kits too.

For now here is the bolo. Men, women, and kids look great in these.

 Lori makes glass to match beads and I love that.

 You can learn my technique of layered flat work from my book FlatWork or my kits.

 With my Native tradition leather work you NEVER see my sewing stitches. Learn this technique too.

 Add some Peyote tip with dangles and you have a fantastic bolo for any occasion
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  1. The bolo is gorgeous! I'm sorry about your migraines. I get sinus real bad and with the wind we're having it's been pretty bad. Take care of yourself!

    Yes... the time is going by way too fast!

  2. Ugh, I second that about the migraines. I suffer them myself, have a pretty nasty one myself today, though I think my meds are finally kicking in as I can look at the screen without it making my eyes water. Anyway, I hope you feel so much better!!! And that the migraines stay far away for the holiday season (I'd say forever, but that might be pushing it ;) ). ((HUGS)) And as always, your beadwork is gorgeous!

  3. I really like how the bolo came out--would never have thought of adding dangles on the ends! I agree, Lori's glass is exceptional!

  4. It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    I know how you feel I have the same problem...."migranes"....not much fun.(:(


  5. i'm so sorry Nicole!! i've never had a migraine,but my son suffers from them and so does my husband. my heart goes out to you,as i've seen their suffering!
    healing hugs to you!!
    love the is a fabulous piece!!

  6. Gorgeous piece, Nicole! It's amazing. I love the colors, and the beaded tassels on the ends are just perfect.

    I'm sorry about your migraine. I've had a few of those in my life, and they're nasty, nasty things. I'm glad you're taking it easy!

  7. Love how that turned out Nicole! Hope your Migraine has subsided by now!!!

  8. Hi Nicole, what beautiful things to see here on your blog! I'm going to add a link in my sidebar!!!! Gorgeous!


  9. broken foot? migraines? and yet you still manage to get more done than most of us - Amazing! Take good care of yourself

  10. This is such a great job! Congrats!!!!
    Take care!


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