Friday, November 4, 2011


Hi Everyone!

There are a few TV shows I watch, Project Runway, all 9 seasons, Chopped cooking show. Love the ingredients in the baskets and two new shows that started a few weeks ago. Works of Art the Next Generation, and Project Accessory. Last night it was SHOES and SWAROVSKI. How can one go wrong with that??? The contestants got to go the Swarovski and pick out inspirational pieces plus crystals. Then they had to create jewelry and a pair of shoes. I so could have won that one!!!! I have a favorite and I have a very least favorite on this show. My fav James Sommerfeldt, not because he can make shoes but because he also is willing to help the other contestants. That is a true artist and a person who is not threatened even in competion.

James Sommerfeldt

 This is one of his older shoe designs

My least fave hey I don't even want to give her cyber time. LOL

I am off to Gem Faire today!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Sommerfeldt is gifted! I haven't picked a favorite or least yet, I'm still getting a feel for the format of this genre...isn't it great they finally decided to do accessories!

  2. How much ya wanna bet we have the same least fav???hehehehe
    I too really admire James and liked him from the start,I'm so thrilled about this program, I hope it's as successful as PRunway

  3. Hello Nicole~

    I'm glad you found me...

    Reading your post, I realized that I don't think I get half of thosd TV shows you mentioned. What station(s) do they air on? They sound interesting!!




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