Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hi Everyone!
TG is over and now it is time to get back to it. Well it is for me. LOL I spent the day doing nothing and then Friday had some running around to do. Today I have 3 projects in the works and need to have them finished by Monday.
Yesterday, part of my running around was going to the post office. My box was full of the usual junk mail, some local advertising and two packages. OMG!!!! what a wonderful surprise!!! Early Christmas. My dear friend Maureen from Moeart sent me some cabs that she makes from polymer. I have to tell you they are the most detailed cabs with a finish that is soft and smooth. I just love holding them. They are spectacular.

The second package was from Karen Williams. She had a giveaway on her blog, no I didn't win the giveaway. Karen so generously sent out "looser" gifts. LOL ha ha ha.
She wrote asking for my address and said she would send a "thank you" gift for joining in. Well... I wasn't expecting such a generous gift, but this is what she sent.

Enough to make a full project

How can I go wrong with people like this in my life?
I am so blessed

Thank you  Moe and Karen
Be sure to stop by their blogs.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Fantastic gifts! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Sorry I haven't been by your blog much lately, I have had to cut back on computer time. Glad to see you are still keeping up with your blog and your art. Be well.

  2. Too Funny! I hope you like the package - I had a fun time putting them together.

    Maureen's cabs look just yummy, too! I particularly love the red and white one on the left.

    Happy Holidays,


  3. The Cabs Looks so pretty! And what a Package! Lucky you!

  4. Wow, aren't you lucky Nicole! I would love to win a looser gift! LOL! The cabs are beautiful!

  5. Karen is absolutely the sweetest! I have been the lucky recipient of her lovely packages before as well. And those cabs look fabulous!

  6. you are lucky Nicole!but,then are such a sweetie and you deserve it!! such wonderful friends you have!!

  7. What lovely goodies! I have been blessed lately myself, and was feeling rather good, and good outlook. Then the bottom feel out with one simple letter from my attorney. I do not want to speak about it, and I hope that things change.
    But please keep a good thought, for me, where my attorney is concerned!

    I am glad you've been creating, and I hope you had a wonderful TG!!
    love n Light,

  8. So much to be thankful for! I'll enjoy seeing what you do with your bounty.


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