Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hi Everyone!!
First I want to thank all of you for the well wishes on my foot. To answer some of the questions; I first broke my foot last year while doing hospice for my brother in CA. I didn't know it was broken and because of everything I was doing didn't get it checked. Actually my foot hurt A LOT but I just thought it was my lupus feet. LOL Still don't know how I broke it the first time. Soooo after all the doctors I finally saw a wonderful podiatrist who set me up with a bone healing machine and a good medical boot. And my foot healed. Well since then I have just been using my foot like normal. (REALLY?) what I should have been doing is babying that foot. About a week ago it began to hurt and sure enough it is broken again. You have to remember I live in a place that gets hardly any sunshine and I don't care how many vitamin D and A one takes our bodies need SUN!! :) That is my gripe for the day.

Now I am receiving emails and convos asking if my 50% sale is still on? YES YES YES!!!!
I will keep this sale going until................... ????
So if you need cabs, beads, books, and of course Nicole's BeadBacking
this is the time and place to get them.
If you are looking for something specific email me, I may have it or know where you can get it.

We can never have enough Cabs

 Still some spiked beads available

 Don't forget my FlatWork book for you or as a gift. Here is what  Dawn Doucette has to say
I got my package today and you are too, too sweet. I LOVE your Flatwork book. For anybody looking to learn this style of design, your instructions are so well laid out and there's so much inspiration in the book that makes it so easy!

And all of my kits are priced at $10.00 this is more than 50% off

Nicole's BeadBacking in all three sizes

Have a great day

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. take care of yourself!!
    so,you didn't do something that broke it again..the same bone,right?
    what about one of those lights for SAD?..would that give you enough sunlight?
    oh,i feel so bad for you!!

  2. I am so sorry Nicole.
    Take care of yourself and your foot.
    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.


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