Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Today it is pouring rain and so it is a good day to sculpt. No I am not doing a my beloved faces today I am making my next favorite thing an art shoe. I have been obsessed with shoes since I was little. I always wore funky wild shoes and in the 1970s and 1980s I was the disco shoe queen. I suppose that is why my feet are so messed up now. LOL However, I have never lost the love of the shoe. Here are a few I found on line how cool are these?
Have a great Sunday.

And where is her foot?

 Can't quite make this out but they are interesting
 Only a dog lovers shoe

 I love these. I could do these with a snake in them

These are just wrong and painful

 as are these LOL


Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Wow! Great! We have an other common thing!!!! I have over 100 pairs of shoes. Just love them! But your selection now made me really happy! Thanks for this post.

  2. Hilarious! Love the dog shoes... little rottie butts. GREAT! Above that the ones you can't make out, I think they are a cat rear end. Too funny!

    Rain is BLAH, but I can't wait to see what shoes you create!

  3. I so join you in the love of shoes!!
    I need more feet!!!
    love the photos...the fish -flops are my fav's..followed closely by the first pair(which,if I could affors,would probably but ,then require some MAJOR assistance to walk in!! you suppose a walker would ruin the effect?!!!
    i would love your is high 80's and "0" humidity here..I crave SEASONS!!!

  4. These are so wild! I love shoes, too - but not sure I could wear any of these. Well,...maybe the fish flip flops! LOL!! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, fishy shoes! Those are hilarious. If I made a pair to fit my little feet, I'd have to make them out of anchovies ;)

  6. Very fun post! I wouldn't wear any of them, but I loved looking at them all! LOL!

  7. give me bare feet any day over any of these crazy shoes!

  8. Those are some crazy shoes! Be sure to post your art shoes when done -- can't wait to see them.

  9. Thanks for sharing these Nicole, some look "painful" to say the least. Love the spidey....

  10. I'm loving your shoes posts! thanks so much for sharing!


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