Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Today has been one of those days that busy out does accomplishments. LOL. You know that kind of day where the more you do the less seems to get done. That is me today. Today is also a day where I have counted my blessings. That is not the right saying. I didn't actually count them I am just aware of how blessed I am. Almost on a daily basis I receive emails about how much people "love" my Nicole's BeadBacking. That is one of the blessings. Another blessing is that these people, and I know you are one of them. are very talented, well versed in the art of beading and some of the nicest ever.  I want to give back and share some of these nice people with you.  So my first feature guest is a lovely lady by the name of Ginger Gonzalez. She lives  in rural South central Indiana with her husband, Jose. They have been married for  20 years and live with 2 cats and 1 dog. They are the proud parents of one child and have two beautiful grand babies.

In Ginger's own words to some questions I ask.
How and when did you get started in crafts and beading and what you like most about it;

I have been crafting all of my life. My favorite thing to do is make pretty things. I always have a project on my work table. I began beading when I was about 12 years old. That is when I got a beading loom from the Tandy store as a gift from my Grandma. I was amazed that I could take pretty little beads some thread and a needle and turn it into something pretty. I had a sweet little business going making beaded friendship bracelets for the other girls at school, lol. I have done it off and on since then. I like beads so much that about 8 years ago I began to make my own to add to my designs....The thing I like best about beading is that with such simple tools amazing beautiful things can be made.

What stitches and beads do you like to use;
Right now I am loving bead embroidery. So my favorite stitches are the traditional backstitch, peyote, RAW and several nice edging stitches. I love delicas and crystals, glass buttons, gemstones and my hand made polymer clay cabochons.

Why you like NBB and anything else you want to share;
I love Nicole's BeadBacking for several reasons: 1. the weight and thickness of it is the perfect foundation it makes it so easy to keep stitches neat and in line when doing projects like this cuff bracelet ..

2. I love the colors and the texture of the backing.

3. needles glide right through it and it cuts easily without fraying.
I highly recommend it and I know it will be my bead backing of choice.

Thank you Ginger, I so appreciate your kind words about my Nicole's BeadBacking

I spent some time at Ginger's e-stores and found that every piece in her store is beautifully made. I especially like her pieces of her hand made cabochons. Very nice. Please stop by to say hello to Ginger at any of her sites listed below. But be sure to visit Ginger's blog.

If you would like to be featured please email me telling me why you like Nicole's BeadBacking
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  1. Wow!!!!!!!! beautiful beadwork!!! I love the bracelet!!!!!! pretty colours!!!

  2. Maravilloso....espectacular....un colorido genial.....

  3. What a lovely feature, Thank you so much...

  4. Thanks for featuring this very talented lady!

  5. Thank you Nicole for introducing Ginger! Such a great beader. I like her works! I looked through her sites...


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