Monday, October 17, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Did you miss me? I spent the last four days with my mom. We always have the best time together and this trip was no different. We spent Saturday shopping and 3 hours of that was looking at the rows and rows of Halloween goodies. Mom and I sprayed our hair blue and got witchy neon striped stockings to wear. And we did! that night when we went to dinner. OK so mom and I have truly reverted to our childhood. LOL
If you want to meet my mom and see what she sells in her etsy store head over there. You may just find a use for her died porcupine quills and other items.

Died African Porcupine quills
 American Died Porcupine quills
 I am not sure how many colors of quills mom has now but there are a lot and they match some of the seed beads that are available now. Ohhh mom's name is Sarah Tronti and she is Onedancingcrow on etsy. She spent the last 15 years developing and improving the dye methods for porcupine quills.

This is me and mom this last summer

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Nicole, you and your Mom are adorable! Sounds like you have an amazing bond with your Mom. I'm sure you already do, but keep cherishing it. So happy you two had a fun time! ((HUGS)) :)

  2. It is wonderful that you are able to spend time together with your mom--I miss that.

  3. What a great photo Nicole. Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment on my blog today. Happy creating.


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