Monday, September 26, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to say hello and that I am home from my vacation. It was the BEST ever!!! I will post photos over the next few weeks.

I will be getting back in the swing of things over the next few days.
Sorry the vacation is over. :)

I will also be selecting a winner for the earring book below so leave a comment!!!
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Welcome home! A change of scenery is always nice, isn't it...especially when it includes seeing our children!

  2. So, so glad you had a great vacation Nicole! If anybody deserves a grand time, it's you darlin! Can't wait to see photos and hear more stories!

  3. Welcome back...happy you had a wonderful holiday.
    -Eva Maria

  4. Nicole, hi! Hope you had a wonderful vacation and thanks for sending me rain.:) I've been very busy so haven't had time to stop at all blogs, but I'm making a little effort tonight. Looking forward to photos. Gots to go now, you take care and I hope you are doing good.

  5. Welcome back, my dear friend! I am so very happy that you were able to spend some precious time with your beautiful daughter. It sounds like you had the best time!

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing photos of your vacation...I suspect there will be lots of smiling, happy faces :-)

    Much love,

  6. Its so good to have a great vacation to bring the important things in life to bear and keep the creative juices flowing. Glad you're back.

  7. Welcome back, Nicole! So glad you had a fantastic vacation! :)


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