Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I love giving things away! So when I knew I was going to be able to share the books that I am reviewing for Lark Books made it all the more worth while. This is the first of many books that I will be giving away courtesy of Lark Crafts an Imprint of Sterling Publishing Co. I have also set up a page on my website that will house all of the reviews.  I want to thank all of you who participated in the first giveaway. It does not surprise me at how many of you wanted this book. However, there can only be one winner. I do it the old fashion way. One of my many hats with each name printed and on a piece of paper and neatly folded. Mike gets the honor of actually drawing the name.  When Mike's hand came out of the pile of names he had............. are you ready?  Debbie Peterson  of  She actually started a blog to enter into this contest and lives right here in Florence!!! I could hardly believe it. Congratulations Debbie!!!

I do want to apologize for no photos of the actual draw. My mom is ill and I have to leave for S. OR. right now. Please send healing energy. Mom is 81.
See ya when I return.

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Carol said...

Congratulations to Debbie!

Sorry to read that your mom is ill. Healing thoughts going out to her. Have a safe trip to southern Oregon... we brought in a bit of cloud cover today to cool things down.


mirsini's creations said...

Congrats to Debbie and thank you for the chance!

Sorry about your mom. I wish she will get over it. Sending healing thoughts to her too.
Hugs and kisses!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Congrats to Debbie!

Wishing you a safe trip & your Mom a speedy recovery!

Jan said...

Yea Debbie! congratulations.

Deborah Peterson said...

I'm so excited at winning Sherry Serafini's new book, Sensational Bead Embroidery!! I've collected the first three books in this series from Lark Books (Diane Fitzgerald's, Shaped Beadwork; Laura McCabe's, Embellished Beadwork; and Marsha DeCoster's, Beaded Opulence), but I hadn't gotten around to ordering Sherry's book. My current favorite bead technique is bead embroidery, so I couldn't be more happy with receiving the book. Wow, a new book and a new hobby....blogging! So far it's been a great week, I just hope that your mom is feeling a whole lot better when you get to her house. Nicole, take care of yourself and don't come down with the bug!!

One last thing, it is so cool finding out about all the talented and interesting people in Blogland!

Ann said...

congratulations to Debbie! she started a blog to enter and lives near,talk about positive Karma!! how fabulous!!! welcome to the blogging world Debbie!!! Glad to have you!! know my prayers and positive energy is headed your way!!!