Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Yes I am up late finishing up some orders while watching the cooking show "Chopped"
This show makes me so nervous. LOL
You have heard me say time and time again that I have no light in my  house for taking photos. Well if you have no light then take photos in the dark. This is something I have been playing with
and I think I have it down.
This is one of the patterns that is in my loom book, "My Favorite Loom Book" you can also purchase this pattern in my Beadwright Bead Coop. But why do that when you can just buy the finished piece. :) I love the soft colors of the Lines Thru Circles. Backed with soft leather, of course, and a snap clasp for easy closure.
If you like it you can get it in my Beadwright etsy store.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Pretty! The black background makes the colors pop!

  2. Owww Nicole...I LOVE this one. (don't EVER make me choose just one though..LOL) I love the design and the colors. I see a beautiful mystical snake skin.


  3. That's great Nicole. Looks fab!! I just did a bangle with material, a first for me. Good job.


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