Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Well my spirits are bright and my mind and body feel rejuvenated. hmmmm must be the warm sunshine that I was engulfed in today. Yes the sun came out in Florence but still windy so that takes the fun right out of it. Mike and I decided to drive inland to get away from the wind and get even more HOT sunshine. We headed south through Reedsport and past the Elk Reserve and up to Loon Lake Resort. Wow it was so pretty up there, more my kind of terrain. Mountains and sun and trees and sun and streams and oh yeah sun!!!! We had lunch at the Loon Lake Cafe. Great food if you are ever up that way. Then to the lake. It was perfect!!! I mean perfect. The people were enjoying the day everyone was having a great time. One little boy caught two fish and brought them over to show us. He was sooo happy. We are definitely going back to Loon Lake in OR. There is tent camping, RV spaces and some very cute cabins. You can launch your boats and the swimming is pretty nice too. If only we could have a full summer of warm sunny days here. Sigghhhhh.... I will take what I can get.
Have a great evening everyone!

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  1. Your pictures look like so much fun! glad you got a sunny day, I wish we could get a rainy day here in AZ.

  2. What an amazing day!! So happy that you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing the adventure with us. It's amazing how you can feel as though you have been there too just by seeing photos. ^_^


  3. That sure looks inviting considering we are in the middle of a heat wave here...feels lik 115 degrees and high humidity so I am staying in reading and catching up on the blogs! lol Big hugs

  4. What a beautiful spot! We are sweltering in heat & humidity here in NY--tomorrow is supposed to be the worst with the heat index up to 110 degrees! I'll trade you a little cloudy weather!

  5. You are lucky, we didn't get sun down here. Glad you got to enjoy some.


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