Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hi Everyone!
The last two days I have been spinning. I mean literally spinning. On Friday I came home from the grocery store and felt fine. An hour later it was as if some one pulled the string on a toy top and I didn't know what end was up. I hate that! I downed some Dramamine and some antihistamine and lay there hoping it would all go away. It didn't. Yesterday I remembered I have some Sweet Oil in the herb cupboard. I heated some up and dropped it in my ear. I did this twice yesterday plus taking the above mentioned pills. Today I feel much better. Not so dizzy more tipsy. My ear doesn't hurt but there was a flash of deep pain so I know I must have fluid behind my ear drum or what ever. At least I can sit and type. LOL!
It is the Rock and Gem show this weekend in Reedsport and I really want to go. I will have to see how I am walking in a few hours.
So what are you doing today? If you are shopping remember I am having Free Shipping World Wide in my Beadwright etsy store. Use this coupon to receive it. JFWWS11

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  1. Dizziness is the absolute worst feeling--hope you are feeling better today!


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