Monday, May 9, 2011


Hi Everyone!
It is rainy, and dark, and just crappie out, however my spirits are high. I have a good feeling about today. You know those days when you feel like everything is OK. Then I found out that I won one Gloria's Mother's day giveaway!!! How great is that??? Gloria is one of those women that puts her whole heart into what ever she does. Take time to visit Gloria's blog and get to know her. Be sure to tell  her Nicole sent you.

Here is what I won!!! I have the perfect spot for her.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Congrats Nicole! it's real pretty. what a nice way to start the week :)

  2. Congratulations!!
    it's fabulous!!

  3. wow! congrats nicole! what a wonderful gift.... what beautiful beadwork you do. when i started beading a few years ago, i did some fine beadwork with those darn tiny beads but sad to say my hands and eyes can't handle it anymore! happy day!

  4. Thanks Nicole. That's very nice of you, I appreciate the post. You are welcome and please don't forget to send me your postal because I no longer have that last postal you sent me on the oils. Did you get the mail yet? Let me know and please send your postal again. Take care and thx again.

  5. CONGRATS!! Good days are hard to come by, I am glad you had one! Come by my place, as i have a giveaway going on for the whole month of May for the annual COTTAGE CHARM giveaway blog hop.

  6. Cool, congratulations! Glad you won this. Hope you have a good week.

  7. You lucky girl!! She is beautiful, colorful and will bring you happiness everytime you look at it. I'm glad you are doing well, and hope your weather straightens up. We had the nicest weekend here in Indiana! Hugs, Lisa

  8. Awesome..Congratulations! She is very cool!


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