Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hi Everyone!
First I want to thank each and everyone who left such wonderful comments for my last post. My circle of friends is amazing and the energy we share with one another keeps and holds us. I am trying some new herbs for the lupus and I must say they might just be working because I have had two pain free nights. Although I am a bit achy today it is not as sever. So again thank you.

An hour ago the sun was shinning here in Florence and with no wind it was actually a bit warm. That has changed. The clouds are hovering and the temp has dropped but the sun is out and my curtains are wide open. Finally.
So here are some shots of my back yard. Mike has actually mowed the lawn twice in the last month. You know all the rain we get here things grow like crazy. :)
This is the pretty.
We will have lots of apples this year

 The plumb trees are already blooming

Now for the not so pretty. You need to know that I am a bit of a clean freak. or maybe just a freak LOL I hate clutter!!! Now this is a challenge living with a man who is a boarder line hoarder. I think we call them "pack rats" tee hee hee. Mike has a reason for saving EVERYTHING. including broken items. I just don't get it???? So when I opened  one of my art supply closets I about fainted. OMG how did this get so unorganized and "cluttered" and just a mess??? Guess what I am doing today. I have a chair all set up in this room and I am cleaning out this closet today. A broken foot is not going to stop me from getting this done today.  I AM WOMAN, I AM DETERMIND.  LOL

 This is just not acceptable

I hope the sun is shinning where you are and the your day is filled with a happy song and lots of love.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Nicole, we have men from the same planet (can't be Earth)! Mine saves everything, too, and when he finally does let go of's the first thing he needs, LOL!

    Have fun cleaning your supply closet--I've been doing a little re-organizing myself--found things I forgot I had!

  2. is that what you consider a mess? wow, I'd hope my closet would look that good After I cleaned it!

  3. been there, done that. Tee hee. Nice yard and fun apples. We have apples too. Enjoy your day and while I'm here, have a Happy Easter!


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