Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Thanks for all the emails of good wishes for my foot. It feels better right now, ya know, after a night of pain meds and being in bed. We will see how it acts when I have to walk on it. LOL
The other email writings I am receiving are belated birthday wishes...... thank you but..... you have not missed my birthday or my birthday blog party! Here is what I posted on April 1

Soooo a lot of you already know that this is my birthday month... Yes on the 27th I will be 59 years. ( I try not to use the OLD word) LOL Every April I have some sort of sale as a gift back to everyone. This year is a bit different though. On my birthday April 27 everything in my etsy store will have %15 off and free shipping world wide. Yes.... world wide. So if there is something you have been wanting or need then save your pennies for April 27. It will last 24 hours from 12:01AM to 11:59 PM US Pacific Standard Time
Keep a reminder by joining my Beadwright NewsLetter. There is a box on the left.

That is my birthday sale part. The other part of the day is that I will be having a birthday blog party. You come by leave a comment on the birthday post to have a chance at winning a very special present. Sooo thanks for all the "belated wishes" April 27 is the big day.

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  1. I thought I had finally lost whats left of my lil mind!!! I almost left a belated birthday wish myself...for once I'm not the cow's tail!!! yippee me...on another note...thank you for the compliment you left on miss loris page! Big Hugs and i will continue to save my b-day watch..i will miss it! lol

  2. my birthday is coming up too. hoping my birthday fairie brings me some pennies to play with. i am thinking i should get some more of your awesome beadbacking!

  3. The 27th of April is a wonderful day Nicole! I have a cousin born on that day... just think of yourself as 59 years EXPERIENCED! ;) We're never old, we just get more experienced!

    {Hugs & happy wishes for the whole darn month!}


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