Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I have received more than several emails from people asking where the hell I am!
I am here and I am alive. LOL.
This last bout with lupus took a good hunk of energy out of me so I am just recouping. Also my podiatrist has me on a whole new regime for my fractured foot. Oh yes it is still broken. :)
So I have a new and improved medical boot. One that actually fits and feels good on my foot. And two I have a bone healing machine that I wear 3 hours a day. It is magic and you know how I love magic. It is a magnetic electro device that heals bone. I have spoken to a few people who have used them and their bones did heal. So after a year of a broken foot I am willing to try this. Mainly, because I DO NOT WANT surgery. I have been getting lots of beading done too. Hey when you can't walk... bead! Right?
I will be choosing my monthly comment contest winner today so stay tuned. If you have been commenting you may be the winner.
Here are my new foot gadgets.

This medical boot is gymonsterous and weighs about 5 pounds LOL

 It isn't pretty at all and that big bladder thing on front is how I pump air into the boot.
Not pretty but feels great

This is the bone healing machine all computerized

Strap it on and watch a movie

and this is what is on my work table now

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. are going to get that foot healed..YEAH!!
    You have been missed and I'm so happy that you are feeling better. I LOVE the piece you are working on. AWESOMENESS as the Chazman would say.

    I'm doing a post about you today. Give me a few and hop....umm I mean carefully walk over and see. ^_^

    Big Hugs,

  2. Wow!! I picture you limping along draggin that hulk behind you..I'd hate getting a swift kick with that baby!.I'm glad that boot is working better then the last one..Skull is looking fabulous!

  3. Glad to hear from you, although very sorry you're having so much trouble. Does the bone healing thing hurt when you do it?
    Take Care, Judy

  4. Holy foot contraption! I think you should hotfix some Swarovski's to it and it'll be 10x better! ;)

    I hope that pesky little foot starts healing sooner than later - AND you start feeling relief!

    Sending you positive vibes!~

  5. Thanks girls. No the machine doesn't hurt at all. A bit after though.
    Hey Regi I am off to see what you are saying about me.


  6. Oh if your foot feels better I could sure use a swift kick! I miss you and I am hoping this is the cure of you! I hope we can chat soon! Hugs Hugs and even more Hugs!

  7. Who cares about pretty as long as it works! With all the advances in modern medicine, I hope they have finally found the right combination for you!

  8. Holy toledo!! I could NOT carry that around. My goodness. I hope you heal quickly. Best wishes to you dear. Ooooh I feel so bad for you:( Please get well, take care.

  9. My goodness, that is a long time to have a foot not heal. I sure hope the bone machine and the boot do the job.
    I love the skeleton. Reminds me of Dias de los Muertos.

  10. Jeepers - looks like a snowboarding boot! That bone healing machine is crazy - who ever invented that??! Amazing.

    Here's hoping it works!!

  11. Oh I do hope this works this time!!
    I love the skull!!
    Great job!


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