Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hello Everyone!

It has been a tough week and it is not quite over yet. lupus has raised it ugly head and I have been down for the count. But I wanted to get this post out. My friend Susan from Pieces of Fate is celebrating her one year anniversary of blogging. With that and OWOH she had added a special giveaway post. Please stop by to meet Susan if you don't know here and to congratulate her on her blog. Ohhh and get in on all the prizes available. I am giving free Nicole's BeadBacking and other's have donated prizes as well. So head on over there and be sure to tell her Nicole sent you.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Hugs Hugs and more Hugs!!!!! Hey thanks for the link to Susan! I will be following now!

  2. i'm sorry to hear you've been wallopped...i hope you feel better real soon, nicole!

  3. Thanks Nicole! you so totally ROCK!!!
    I am so sorry to hear you are getting your butt kicked this week. I'll be lighting a candle and sending positive, healing energy your way! blood work came back and for the 2nd time in 3 years my ANA's are up and my sed rate is up again also. This is only the 2nd time they have checked my ANA's. so i have to go see a Rheum. doc again. I am NOT going to the one I went to last time...I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours, had a 15 min. exam ( Mostly by a med student or intern) with the doc asking me questions, she is supposed to be very good, and really the only one in that area of south Jersey but she did NOT send me for any further testing, she just told me do NOT have Lupus or RHeum. Arthritis. She said possibly FM, and recommended a sleep study, as according to her, long term insomnia can lead to FM, and I do have and have had a sleep issue.
    I have to call my Ins. co. and see who else is in my directory.
    I am dealing with a lot of pain, and have been for months mostly in the knee is is waaay past needing replacement, but also my elbows and ankles have been bothering me on and off. Of course the left hand wrist always hurts so, I do not even count that anymore. Ron is having eye surgery today, Amanda came down and took him. (he has a wrinkle on his retina, they've been waiting for a year to see if it would straighten out on it's own) please keep him in your thoughts today if you can.

    I hope you get to some GOOD days very soon. I am sooo rooting for you!
    Love and blessings,

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that your lupus has flared up - rest, eat well and know that we will all be sending healing thoughts your way. Hugs, Julie

  5. Awe Nicole,
    So sorry to hear that you are having a rough time. I totally understand! I hope that you start feeling much better soon. Sending healing energy your way!!


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