Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I am so glad it is the weekend. I seem to get more done. I do need to organize my time better. AAAhhhh ha ha ha I just crack myself up..... I am one of those people who do what needs to be done, however, not in any particular order, rhyme or reason. After this week though, I have had so many things to do that I really do have to sit down and prioritize. Wish me luck.
In the mean time I have been listing some new things in my Beadwright Etsy store
Some of the items are cabochons, some silver beads, and look forward to a new kit that I will have ready by tomorrow. I am really excited about it.
Oh with every purchase of cabs you will receive a sample of my Nicole's BeadBacking. How can you have cabs without it?

Nothing like Jade

This is a stellar cabochon

 I have also made up one of my famous grab bags. There are over 300 pieces in the bag

The one thing I MUST  do today is the dreaded grocery shopping. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and pooof there is food, all put away and of course someone to cook it for me. EEEEKKKKK.... I think that is called a maid??

I am wishing everyone a happy weekend with lots of Blessings

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. LOL! Now that is something we all wish for. I don't mind the shopping part- I want someone to carry it to the car- bring it home and put it away and then have it ready..Dream on woman! I love that "lightning" cab--awesome! The jade is beautiful as well...Love it all!

  2. Hi Nicole - just taking a quick break from undecorating the Christmas cheer. Wanted to let you know I got my Beadbacking!!! I started my February BPJ using it and I LOVE the product!!!!!!!!!! I'll be sure to post on my blog about it, but for now, time to get back to being a grown up and put those holiday decorations away. I'm saving the grocery shopping for tomorrow - yippee. NOT.

  3. Ooooooooo! The jade is pretty and that grab bag has got me curious! Prioritizing is over-rated...sometimes. xD And Don't we all wish that we had a magic wand for life. X3 <3 <3 You crack me up, Nicole! lol


  4. Gorgeous cabs!! Gotta check out those grab bags you have

  5. Hi Nicole. I'm sure you'll buy all kinds of healthy good stuff at the grocers and then want to do a little cooking. :)) Have a great Sunday.

  6. Nicole, those cabs are so cool! I don't mind the shopping or the cooking, but I could do without having to put everything away!

    I have purchased Nicole's grab bags in the past and was not disappointed. Good, quality beads in very generous quantities!

  7. i don't mind the shopping or cooking either but the putting away and cleaning up ARGH!!! That lightening cab is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  8. I tried to get a maid, or at least a cook. Took in a friend at work who is struggling to make ends at a reduced rent in exchange for him cooking. The only problem is that most of what he cooks isn't what I would eat. Foiled again!


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