Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I had the best few days with my mom. We are very close so spending real time with her (not on the phone) is always so much fun. We took one day and hit the 5 thrift shops we have here in Florence. I found a couple of display stands that I use for my beaded gourds and the coolest bottle to bead. Mom was looking for pots to use in her business. Ohhh have I ever told you what my mom does? She is the premiere seller of died porcupine quills. When you see beautiful jewelry made with died quills they were bought from my mom, oncedancingcrow and the shop name is Porcupine Hollow etsy,    Porcupine Hollow on artfire   Oncedancingcrow ebay and mom's website Go visit her sites. Oh yes I create traditional and contemporary quill art. Sooo... over the last 15 years mom has worked to developed a dying process that leaves the quill with beautiful colors that will not smear or rub off. Be sure to check out her stores.  I have had a kit for these quill earrings for a few years now.
Made with chain and crystals

Now you know that I try to stay away from the camera. I truly do not take good photos. However, here are some we took at the Elk Reserve about 30 miles from my house. You can tell because the sun is shining. LOL

 Me and Mom

 Mike and Mom

 My Mom. I think she looks pretty darn good for 80 years old.

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  1. Now how come I didn't know about the quills? You know I have to get my hands on those! I am so glad you had a good time with Mom you both deserve it! Oh and yes she looks damn good at 80!


  2. i'm glad you had such a good time with your mom. those quill earrings are really pretty. i'm going to go check out her links!

  3. Your Mom looks Fabulous! I'll bet you guys had a great time! I have some of your Moms quills--The colors rock!

  4. I agree, she looks very good for being 80! And I checked out her etsy and OHMY! Those quills are AMAZING! o.o I love the earrings! I ought to try making quill jewelry sometime. (Jeeze, you got me thinking) xD <3 I'm glad you had loads of fun, Nicole! <3


  5. Quality time with Mom is priceless! Beautiful earrings. I've never worked with quills--I'll have a look at her links!

  6. a couple of things...
    ONE...get thine face in front of the camera, closer so we can see you!! does one get porcupine quills, does she pluck them herself? (seriously, I'd like to know I am curious)

    THREE...I will check her shop out you know I will (BY the way, did I get my last order yet? LOL I can't remember) ALL look terrific! especially Mom (my mom is 84 and isn't too shabby either, Bless their hearts!)

    FIVE...I am glad to hear you sounding happy! I am glad you had a lovely visit with your Mom, which I could go thrifting with you, I'm sure we'd get into all sorts of trouble, LOL

    SIX (and last)...can you tell me again how to keep a post at the top of the page, and newer posts go below it?
    LOVE YA!

  7. both shop links go to art fire.
    Just FYI

  8. Your mom is adorable - and so are you!

    Just popped over to artfire and ordered some quills and the turtle shells - fun stuff!


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