Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hi Everyone!
No I do not have the Sci Fi oldies channel on. I am having a danger day. LOL  First you have to know that high on my list of things I love, are tools, especially power tools!!!

I would rather shop for tools than clothes.

Deep breath and long sighhhhhh No this is NOT me... I am much better looking LOL aaahh ha ha ha

Actually this is more me :)
 So now you know how much I like power tools. Today I was putting the last touches on a new leather mask. I was using my trusty hot fix tool that I bought from  I only had a few more crystals to attach when all of a sudden I felt pain in my little finger. OMG I was burning my self!!!!! No kidding. I ran to the sink and put cold water on my hand then to the freezer for something, anything frozen. I held the bag of what ever to my hand as I hobbled to the bathroom (Remember I have a medical boot on my foot) I opened the SSD and slathered my finger with it. I am standing there looking at blisters formed and forming on my finger thinking, "Wow that happened so fast and my skin is coming off and #%$^^%&^* this REALLY hurts."

This is my hot fix tool
Here is my poor finger

underneath the SSD (Silver Sulfadiazine cream) There are 4 blisters.

OK so you would think that I would learn and just stay away from tools today. Nooooo not me. Working on the same leather mask I am making a holding stick for it. So I measure off the dowel and pick up my little saw. Ok can you guess???? Yes I cut my finger on the other hand. OMGGGGG!!!!
I am done with the tools today. I will simply bead my day away if I can get passed the band aid and SSD.

So today please be careful if you are using tools.

Honor and Integrity in life in art


  1. owie, nicole!!!! you better be careful next time! take a breather from the tools, don't poke your eye out with a beading needle or anything. maybe another day would be better for the tools! hope your fingers get better soon.

  2. oh,you poor,poor thing!!! hope all feels better soon!!! sending a boo-boo kiss to your burn and cut!!

  3. Ouch! Ouch! and I am feeling the pain from here! Sending kisses for those crafty boo boo's!


  4. Lordy that looks painful..Get in bed and pull the covers over your head..

  5. I hate when our toys bite back!

    I'm commiserating with you--got a steam burn on my wrist yesterday--boiling water, not crafting! LOL!

  6. Nicole dearest... sounds like you've earned a night off... put those feet up, light some candles and play your favorite music.

    Hope your fingers are quick healers!

  7. Yikes! Watch out. I got a burn blister in the web between my 1st and 2nd fingers when I lit a wooden match and the head flew off and landed there. weird fluke.

  8. Ouch! Sorry to hear about the issues with the tools! I just hate days that are like that - nothing seems to go right - either burn yourself on the torch or cut yourself with the saw. I hope your finger gets to feeling better!

  9. Hope your finger is feeling better now! <3

  10. Hope your finger is feeling better! <3

  11. I hope that mask is worth it lol

    Burns are the worst! Take care of yourself -


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