Monday, January 10, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I am actually happy it is Monday already. Why? Well a few months ago my friend Debbie over at CraftyMoose had made a polymer bead. She looked it over and decided to cut it in half to make some interesting cabs. Here post on those cabs had me cracking up. She thought they looked like boobs. You have to see this post because that thought never crossed my mind.  (check out her blog to see the post)
After some emailing Debbie and I decided to do a mini fun challenge. A dueling of beads. As always my time flew by and I ended up making a simple necklace. Debbie and I have not see each other's creations but we decided to show them off today.  Soooo here is my Boob Reveal.

First off the cabs Debbie made

Drum roooolllllll here is what I came up with

 I used my technique of lacy flatwork

Debbie and I talked about different things to do with the finished pieces. For me I would like to offer this necklace up for auction. All the  money will go to Breast Cancer. So if you are interested make an offer. Highest bid wins.

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  1. two are just to funny and cute. I think you had an excellent idea and as always you met the challenge. This turned out beautiful!! I so didn't see the "BOOB" either...LOL Here is what I said in Debbie's original posting:

    Regina said...

    LOL..I so would not have thought that until YOU said something Debbie.

    I think with your beadwork around them they will be lovely. All I SAW was a beautiful spiral of colors.


    November 17, 2010 9:34 AM

  2. I love it! And I love your edging as well.

    Thanks for posting on my blog about the edging. I still have a lot to learn!

  3. Nicole, I love what you came up with! The lacy flatwork is gorgeous--I see a new technique that I will just have to learn!

    Thank you for joining me in this bit of fun!

  4. I LOVE it. Very pretty and feminine (as a boob should be)LOL!

  5. It is absolutely gorgeous Nicole -- good luck with the auction!

  6. I didn't think it looked like a boob either and now the is the most gorgeous "boob" ever!!!!!!!

  7. Nicole, I saw the boob immediately. I think the two of you have created an absolutely stunning Goddess necklace..Bravo!

  8. a gorgeous breast framed in beautiful beadwork!!!

  9. *lol* You two are too funny! From the front I can see it, from the side.....nope. Beautiful necklace, Nicole!

  10. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for coming by and commenting!!
    I have 4 pieces that will be published 1 in Feb 2 in Apr and 1 in May Bead Trends Mags.
    I'm so excited I can't stand it!! LOL

  11. PS. I looked at the necklace but didn't read the post. I'm kinda backwards like that.
    OMG....this is too funny! I noticed that the beads looked like Boobs. But, I tend to see things like that when others don't. I went to Debbbie's site and looked at her's too.
    Great idea to auction them and donate it to Breast Cancer Research. If you don't mind I'd like to post this on FB for a few of my friends who have had Breast Cancer. Let me know!!

  12. Beautiful! the boob and the beading!! you are a wonderful,generous sweet spirit..
    love ya

  13. Fabulous color scheme. I love the story behind the bead - totally cracks me up!

    Wish I had the cash to get in on the auction - I hope its successful.

  14. Turned out gorgeous! You and Deb did amazing!


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