Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I am so glad the weekend is here. I will dress up tonight and spend some time at Brown Dog Antiques where I have a case of my art. Some of the other artists will be there as well all dressed up. So if you are in Florence, OR tonight stop on by I  would love to see/meet you.
Sunday I will also dress up to greet the kids that come to my door.
I feel tired today, the week has been beyond busy for me and my energy feels low. Yess I will take a nap before I go out tonight.
I also wanted to tell all of you that in both my
I am having a Halloween weekend sale.
Everything in both stores is 20% off
All you have to do is write the work "Witch" in the message area when you check out.
I will then refund the difference. How easy is that?
This includes EVERYTHING!!!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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  1. Have a great time Nicole. Enjoy your weekend. Take care.


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