Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hi Everyone!
This weekend I do not have to go anywhere or do anything outside of my house. Wheeewwww thank the gods. I am spending every waking moment designing, creating, and producing. I was speaking to a friend on the phone last night and looked up at my shelf to see what I have for my show. OMG! not near enough for an art gallery show. So my phone will be off today, movies in the DVD player and it is time to get serious.
So what is your weekend schedule? Beading?, Playing?, Traveling? ahh come on share what you are up to.
In the mean time here is a Miss Skully necklace. OKayyyy before I go any further. I know Miss Skully is all I have been showing lately. However, I have been working on other things. For instance yesterday I made two bracelets, finished up two rings, made a chain necklace and a leather face that is still drying. So even though I would love to just work on Miss Skully pieces.... sighhhh.... I can't. BIG LOL
Here is Miss Skully in Pink and Gold

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

I couldn't resist adding my sexy Bone Lady in the shot. :)

Honor and Integrity in Life in

Art Nicole/Beadwright


  1. Hi Nicole

    This weekend I plan on beading all weekend too. I broke my foot on Wednesday, which is a big pain in the you know what ... other than my foot. You know what that's like, literally.

    Have a good weekend, Judy Lovell

  2. Yay! I get one of these weekends too....Its supposed to Rain all weekend (they say up to 4 Inches) total for the weekend. I love the rain. So my weekend will be all about glass. The kiln will be going, the ring saw will be going and I shall be beading in between.
    I love the PInk Ms Skully! And I Really love Sexy Bone Lady.,.,she should be in all of your pictures. Now why does she remind me of Vanna White? LOL!

  3. Oooh, I love your latest Miss Skully piece, Nicole...really gorgeous! I'm glad that you're able to put your feet up on the lounge and bead all day. I wish I could do the same! We spent the weekend at my Dad's place down the coast. The kids were so excited to get to the beach, as it has been weeks since we went! Lots of fun all round, but alas, no beading. Perhaps a late night tonight though ;-)

  4. Yes,beading,beading and beading!!! Wonderful work!!!

  5. Fantástico trabajo.....MARAVILLOSO....


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