Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi Everyone!

This is Oct 1. I am so glad, this month is a time of spiritual endings and new beginnings. I am ready for new happy beginnings. To kick it off I am announcing three winners from two contests. First is my  monthly comment contest that I have been doing now for 6 years. It all started on my website and then I moved it over to my blog. Each month one lucky person is chosen to win free beads. This month I am so excited about the prize and I hope my winner is as well. I don't normally show what the prize is but today I am. First the winner for my comment contest is................. horns...drum rolllllllll  Jan Brattain from Laughing Dog Arts
So you wanna see what Jan won????
Congratulations Jan

Ohhh it is a Miss Skully cabochon!!

Now for the Book winners.
Thanks to everyone who joined in. The comments and emails I received were so much fun.
Sooo again horns... and drum rollllll

I bought this hat in Japan last year.

 Works perfect for drawing out names

 and the winners are......

First winner for Creative Paper Jewelry is...
Sharon from MoonRae

Second winner for Creative Crochet Jewley is....
Julz Jewlz from Idaho

These books will be shipped directly from the publisher so it may toke a few weeks to receive them.

Congratulations to all of my winners
and Happy October!!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Awesome.Congratulations Julz and Sharon...Green with envy!!

  2. Congratulatons Jan! I got one I ordered a few days ago...The Ms Skully's are awesome!

  3. Congratulatons Jan! I got one I ordered a few days ago...The Ms Skully's are awesome!

  4. You are so generous.
    Don't you LOVE those Miss Skellies!!

    Congrats all.
    Have a great weekend.
    Gonna be chilly where I am in Northern Indiana.

  5. Congratulations everyone! Such great prizes, especially Miss Skully. Have a nice Halloween month!

  6. Oh Man! are you kidding me???!! I won the skully cab? Wow, I am excited about this! Thank you so much Nicole! I will do something very cool with it! I don't know what yet, but it will be so much fun to figure that out. Thank you! I'm excited!

  7. Awesome for the winners!!! Congrats!!!!

  8. You are such a sweetie!! Again thanks so much for the great giveaway and your kind generosity!!
    big smiles

  9. Oh my gosh!!! I just saw this! I'm so excited! I'm not much of a crocheter but dang it I'll learn!! :)
    Thanks so much Nicole!!


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