Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi Everyone!
This broken foot thing is just not working. I have to check in with the doctor tomorrow to find out why my foot is hurting so badly. This is the fourth day in a row that I am in bed. No I cannot bead in bed. I have done a lot of computering though. Hmmm is compertering a word?I even checked out my facebook!
So I am wishing all of you a happy evening
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Ohhhhh sweetie I hope how soon you find some answers. Sending you a huge gentle hug...Beth

  2. Oh Nicole that is a real bugger. How long has it been since you hurt your ankle - a few weeks now? Hopefully the doctor will find out what is going on - even if he has to do another xray - perhaps the break is worse than originally thought.

    Hope you get back on the mend soon.

    Karyn :)

  3. I hope the doctor can help. That has got to be so frustrating for you. Take care, Connie

  4. Oh so sorry Nicole. I hope your foot gets better soon. Get well soon. Sending you healing thoughts. Take care.

  5. I hope you are feeling better today.
    What did the DR say?
    Love an hugs.

  6. OUCH! So sorry about your foot. I bead in bead all the time :) but it does take some finagling of pillows and such, and would be hard with a broken foot.

    I hope you feeling better quickly. I know not being able to bead is like having the oxygen taken out of the room. It's great that you can use your computer. Maybe take advantage of the time and sort through sketches (if you sketch), or revisit some of your older books or magazines to see if there is anything you've forgotten about that you wanted to try out. Sometimes when I do that I'm like..oh yea..i forgot about that. Any mixed up beads you've been avoiding sorting through?

    I tend to end up bed ridden from time to time due to some medical conditions, so I've learned ways to make use of the time. It's also helpful to try and keep busy and get your mind off the pain.

    I know this is a far fetched idea, especially for us artist who always have to be doing something with our hands, but you could try just snuggling into some soft covers, turning down the lights, making some pop corn, and watching some of those award winning sub titled movies that under normal circumstances we would never ever be able to give lend enough attention to be able to watch. I've heard pans labyrinth was a wonderful movie.


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