Friday, September 3, 2010


Hi Everyone!!!
I am EXHAUSTED!!!! Doing a show on a broken foot is tough!!!! I did it though. The show was a huge HIT. My good beading buddies from Florence all showed up to support me and my work. It was so much fun. Some good sales too. I was amazed at how much people loved my new rings!!! I sold everyone of them. Yessss!!!! I got a few photos but my battery went dead. I will get them off loaded tomorrow. Sooooo I get home to check my email and I have a lovey note from Lisa Crone owner of A Bead A Day. Please head over to her blog to see what a very nice write up she did on me and a few of my pieces. Then be sure to follow her blog. She writes something special everyday. Thanks Lisa you topped my day.
I am off to bed.
Sweet dreams all
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Oh, that is excellent news, Nicole! I'm not at all surprised that your new rings sold out...they are gorgeous! I think rings will always be a winner during a tough economic's only a little bit of an indulgence ;-)

  2. Glad that you had fun and success with the show. And now sit down and relax and take care of your foot.
    Got to love Lisa's blog, right? I'm a follower since long and am always inspired by her daily posts about new beads and projects.

  3. YEAH!!!! You deserve the success! It is no surprise that your rings sold they were AWESOME!!!!!

    Going to Lisa's now!



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