Monday, August 30, 2010


Hi Everyone!

My foot hurts like the dickens.... OMG!!!! that is a saying my mom use to use. I must be in pain. hee hee hee. Anyway I wanted to post the jewelry I made yesterday. The photos are crappy because we have no light here in rain soaked Florence. So think bright, sparkly, and shinny.


This is Elegant Punk I Love it!!!

These are 1/2 cut silver silver line bugles with silver chain

Because I didn't want to get up to get new beads I just made this bracelet

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. wow may be in pain but your beading sure isn't suffering! These are stunning! Hoping you will feel better soon but have to admit love seeing what's coming out of it! big gentle hugs Beth

  2. These are GREAT! Wow, I love how you said, I didn't want to get up so I just made this are too much, these are fab! I'd love to share them on my featured designer Friday this week if you wouldn't mind. Let me know what you think! :) Lisa

  3. I just read about your foot... you poor thing!!!

    That necklace is divine!!! Love it!

    Hope your foot heals quickly!

  4. both of these but especially the the ummm the bracelet..LOL!!
    They are both beautiful.

    Hope that foot starts to ease up a bit for you....hurting like the dickens isn't a good thing. (My great grandmother use to say that too but it was used more like "If ya'll youngin don't shhhhhush then I'm gonna beat the dickens outa ya..ya'll are scaring the fish away"

    Hugs ^_^

  5. I may be wrong...but I see you sitting among piles & containers of all kinds of beads & supplies (and Mike bringing you a beverage, lol)...ah, Heaven!

  6. Ohhh thanks everyone. It is so nice to wake up to all of these wonderful comments. No you are not wrong Debbie, my work area is piled with beads. I am usually very organized and clean up after ever project. This is kind of driving me crazy. LOL

  7. Love it! It must be nice to just bead a bracelet then & there since you can't/don't wanna just get up :P I can see the sparkle even without great light....stay dry!

  8. None of us can keep up this stuff is stunning!!!!! Oh and I think we have a connection because believe it or not I am working on a spiral right now too!


  9. Love this Nicole. Very pretty!

  10. Love this Nicole. Very pretty!


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