Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I just read that my good friend Beth from lost her pet Pit Bull, Max. In her blog she wrote how Pits get such a bad name. They do. I won't argue or debate the issue because my dog Mya is an American Red Nose Pit that I rescued from a terrible situation 13 years ago. She has been the best dog I have ever had in my family. She loves kids, other animals and of course us. Here she is old and grey faced but still gives us all the love she has.
Beth I am so sorry for the loss of Max.

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  1. Even thou I have been the victim of a PitBull attack I completely agree with you. I believe it is how the animal is raised and the love it is shown that makes the animal what it is. The damage to my hand was devastating and it took a long time to recover from it. Was it the dogs fault?. NO--- You will never convince me that an animal that was properly raised and loved would have done that. Pitbulls do get a bad rap-- I have known some wonderful Pits! Am I a bit leary around strange ones now?-- Hell yes!...LOL! I earned it! I cried when I read Beths post about Max.. My heart goes out to her!

  2. Hear Hear!!! I have never met a nasty pit bull. I may have been lucky as the owners of them are good people but I have seen first hand how utterly loving they are! I am so sorry for Beth's loss.


  3. Lori thanks for your comment. I know how hard it was and still is with your hand. So many people do not know what happened to you. You should post about it.
    Hugs my friend

  4. I have a pit named Bella and she is a sweety. Sorry to hear about Max and take care of Mya. She is a doll!

  5. You know I am a pit bull lover and my best friend is my Rocky boy. Glad your Mya is still doing well and am so sorry for your friend losing her Max. We know only too well how hard that is.

  6. My opinion about "dangerous" dogs: it's not the dog, that is dangerous, but the human being on the other end of the leash! It's the same with all kinds of animals. You have them, how you raise them.


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