Friday, August 6, 2010


Ohhhh I love all of you who think I am 50 that is awesome. So far no one has hit it. So here is another hint. The other day I was at a local store. I purchased a lamp. As I was getting ready to leave a woman behind me told the clerk she gets a senior discount. I turned back and asked," how old does one have to be for the discount?" (you know senior age is different at different stores.) He made me show ID to prove I qualified.
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Here is yesterdays photo of me

Hi Everyone!

In my last post I mentioned that I have been beading for over 46 years. In part, here are some of the comments I received.
BTW, you don't look old enough to have been beading for 46 years! It must have been a typo or you started while in the womb!
So that means you started beading when you were born right?
With a grandmother who was a famous painter and teacher, my brothers, sister and I were sitting in art chairs with brushes and paints before we could talk. Art has always been in my family, blood, heart and soul. Designing clothing and embroidery was a passion of mine before I was a teenager and adding beads to my designs was only right. My great grandmother was a tailor and lived with the Native Americans during her young married life. Beading was just natural for her and for me. I am so fortunate to have some of her beads. (No, I will never use them.) I began selling my art at the age of haa haa not giving it away!

Anyway I said all of that to ask this question? WITHOUT looking at my profile, just how old do you think I am???? The first person to tell me the correct age will get some free beads.

OK I better make a rule here. If you know me and already know how old I am it won't count.

Hint, I have two kids and three grand kids. No I won't give you the ages. hee hee hee

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  1. Hm, so I guess you're 62. ( I hope that's not too old and now you don't talk to me any longer. ;-))

  2. This is so unfair of me since I already to give deserving others a chance I will only say this about age....Miss Nicole no matter your "real age" as my mom always said it's good to be at the age where you are still a young mans fancy and an old mans dream!!!! lol big hugs sweetie!

  3. Hey Nicole... learning about your history just from this post, I would guess you started beading about about 6 years old... so my guess is that you're 52. :)

    I love learning about people... and hearing you were blessed to learn at such a young age is inspiring. Thanks for sharing about you! :)


  4. Hi Nicole
    Thanks for visiting over at my place :D
    Oh - I´m no good at guessing - am I the first one - hmmm
    okay I´ll jump into in and hope I´m not rude - 50 is my guess
    don´t kill me know.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    ~ TIna

  5. My guess is that you are about 21 or so. Tee hee. :)) Well if I would have to guess, maybe you started beading around 7 years old and so that would make you about 53, but just for the heck of it I'll say 54. But really you look about 28 or so. Have a great day.:)

  6. 56 is my guess. How old do you think I am? There is a picture of me in my last blog post. I chose 56 for you, thinking maybe you started beading at 10 years old, not because I think you look 56, you look much younger than that.

  7. Ok are you asking for your birth age or the age you really are? If it is your birth age I would venture a guess at 59 but if your want your real age baby I say 29 all the way!!!!!!


  8. I like guessing. But most of the time i guess wrong... :)51???

  9. Well, I think you and I are alike in that we look younger than we are. Terry and I have been asking for a senior discount everywhere we go, cause you never know. The standard seems to be 62, which was already guessed, so I guess 61, but I don't think you look older than 55

  10. I vaguely remember you mentioning your age once and being shocked as you look much, much younger than your years...

    I am going to guess around 57 or 58... but please don't be insulted if that isn't right... you look great no matter how old you are!!


  11. I'm going to guess 54 because I added the 46 years of beading you have had to the possibility that you began selling your work at age 8. You might have started selling it at 6 or 7 so those who guess 52 or 3 have a good chance but I'll stick with 54, although there is no way you look or sound it!!!!

  12. Nicole, I already know how old you are...and let me just say that you look amazing for your age! ;-) B. -xo-


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