Monday, August 30, 2010


Hi Everyone!
First thank you for the overwhelming response for Beth and Lori. It is just one of the reasons I blog. The wonderful people that have come into my life and the true sharing and giving the we experience. Let's not forget the love. Thanks.

Now, it is raining here in Florence. I need to go to town, Eugene, to get some things for my upcoming showing. I don't know how this is going to work with crutches but it has to be done.
Before I leave though I have a surprise for some one out there. I just realized that I have 699 sales in my Beadwright etsy store. I am having a 35% off sale on EVERYTHING and the 700th buyer gets something very special in their package. So don't waist any time get over to my Beadwright etsy store and be the 700th buyer.

Have a great day

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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  1. Oh I so wish I could be #700 but I am on a forced bead diet for 2 months! (Other things have to come first right now :( )

    CONGRATULATIONS in advance to you and the next sale!!!!!!



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