Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I have the best sister-in-law!!! I have three. However, Tobi, who is married to my brother Pat, live in Montana right on Flathead lake. Tobi has strong roots in the Kalispell/Lakeside area and the property where they live has been handed down since the mid 1800s. The last two years both Pat and Tobi have been cleaning out and clearing out STUFF. She has found generations of antiques, and old family items. The most fun for me is all the beadwork she has discovered. Over the last few years she has sent me treasures that I have shared with you. Wellllll yesterday I received another box from her. Wowowowowo oooohhhhhhh and aaaahhhhhh is all I could say. There were two very long lariates from the early 1900s. Here is one of them. You may recognize this technique, it has come back in that last year or so.

The beads are old Czech size 10/os, these were the bead size of choice back then.

Notice the black cotton thread, and the Czech beveled rounds.

The second one is much longer. It is a bit more worn and has some damage.

These are old Czech 9/o tri cuts with beveled rounds and French bugles.
Haaa and you thought beaded beads were a new thing. A black wooden bead was used. It is not painted it is black wood.

The beads are sewn onto a fabric netting

that is wrapped around cotton twisted rope
Thanks Tobi for adding these wonderful pieces to my museum collections.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Wow, those pieces are treasures indeed! How sweet of them to send them to you.

  2. Thanks for sharing, this was fun to look at.

  3. Wow what a treasure! I recieved quilt blocks made by my great, great grandmother and treasure them always! Isn't it fun!

  4. Oooooh, how amazing are these pieces, Nicole! It is quite humbling to look at such old beadwork. The styles really aren't very different to lariats we make and wear today! How wonderful Tobi is to bestow these beautiful pieces upon you for safe-keeping :-) Thank you so much for sharing them with us! B. -xo-

  5. What a wonderful gift. So much history in that piece and so interesting to me being so new to this to see the inner workings...just a shame it had to be at the expense of this poor piece....but I am sure you can restore it! Hope you and yours are doing better. Sending you big hugs and thank you for the wonderful compliment you left on my humble lil purse! Coming from you and others it is such encouragement! Big hugs Beth

  6. What a wonderful surprise and treasure to receive. Who better to give it to for safe keeping.

  7. Those are two treasures, for sure! I love the old cut beads, and the longer lariat is just chock full of them! Are you going to try to repair it, or leave as be?


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